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Last update: 27 July 2019

Bang & Olufsen A/S

Leisure Products
Bang & Olufsen A/S was founded in 1925 and is based in Struer, Denmark. The company develops, designs and markets consumer electronic producs internationally. The product portfolio...
  • Market cap.

    DKKm 5,923

  • Sales

    DKKm 3,286


    DKKm 398


Electrical Equipment
NKT A/S operates through four segments: Solutions, Applications, Service & Accessories and NKT Photonics. The company manufactures a range of cable and wire products. The company p...
  • Market cap.

    EURm 2,413

  • Sales

    EURm 1,502


    EURm 50

Kobenhavns Lufthavne A/S

Transportation Infrastructure
Kobenhavns Lufthavne A/S operates, develops and owns Copenhagen Airport and Roskilde Airport in Denmark. The company operates in two segments, Aeronautical and Non-aeronautical. Th...
  • Market cap.

    DKKm 42,693

  • Sales

    DKKm 4,445


    DKKm 2,512

Company database

The NordicStocks company database is an online free-to-use financials analytics platform. The database contains a comprehensive list of public Nordic companies and is continuously updated to reflect the newest available financial data.

The platform was created to provide fundamental investors easy insight into the financial information of equities in the Nordics. All key data items are reflected in dynamic financial charts, which allows for comprehensive insights in the latest financial developments of companies.
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Chart embeds

The NordicStocks financial charts embed is a dynamic bundle of financial charts that can be easily embedded into any type of website, media, blog or forum. The charts bundle embed can be selected for all companies included in the NordicStocks company database.

Your embeds will automatically update whenever new financial data is released and added to the database. As such, all historic embeds will always be up-to-date and reflect the most recent financial data.
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About Nordicstocks

NordicStocks was created to provide insights and perspectives on the financials of listed companies

Nordicstocks was created by Rasmus Oestergaard Andersen to provide investors with a solution for tracking the financial performance of listed companies. I intend to expand on the company database over time such that all major listed companies in the Nordics will be added to the database. However, more mid- and smallcap companies will also be included going forward. I am also working on a range of new features such as adding key macroeconomic indicators and many other initiatives - so stay posted!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see incorporated on the site!

Company Data
All data reflected on the NordicStocks website and in chart embeds is hosted on NordicStocks servers. All financial data is sourced directly from annual reports and reformulated manually using internally developed financial models. As such, none of the data reflected on the NordicStock database is sourced from external providers.

In reformulating the financial data of companies, we perform a series of checks to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the financial data. However, if you find that there is an error in the data displayed in the company database then please don't hesitate to contact me and I will look into the issue immediately.

Chart embed
The NordicStocks chart-bundle embed can easily be incorporated into any website or online media using <iframe> code. Commercial users will be able to tailor the design of their chart embeds to match color codes and fonts of their own websites and will also be able to select the specific data series to be included in their tailored embeds. All chart embeds are automatically updated when new financial data becomes available, ensuring that all your previous embeds are always up-to-date and reflect the latest information. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the commercial chart embed service!

About me
I currently hold a position as company valuation and financial modelling specialist with the Deal Advisory team at KPMG Denmark. Previously I worked with the Equity Research and Credit Ratings teams at Danske Bank. I have a Master's degree in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business Scool. I closely follow the financial markets and am personally strongly in favor of the indexing and income/fundamental approaches to equity analysis and investing.

I can also assist with website or web application development and VBA programming in Excel etc. You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions!
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